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The 4 Incredible Benefits of Self Love

These 4 Things Happen When You Practice SELF LOVE

Self Love seems like a buzzword, doesn't it? This mystery idea that we barely wrap our heads around, but know is important. I specialize in demystifying Self Love through helping people go deeper within themselves to undercover what it would truly mean to be loved for them, no one else. In this demystifying process Self Love unravels itself and becomes something powerful, and unshakable in their lives. Self Love in a nutshell IS self nourishment and good self treatment. But, when we crack the nutshell open, there is so much more to it. If you want to uncover more about what it would be like to truly Love yourSelf. Book with me here. Or simply enjoy the article below.

1. You Become Magnetic The love energy is an undeniably gorgeous frequency. Love attracts, magnetically, all sorts of magic; like gifts, compliments, opportunities, destined connections and synchronicities.

When you love you, you are emitting a energy of receptivity to all that you desire. Love is an undeniably high frequency and will attract people and experiences on that same frequency.

2. Your Most Difficult Relationships Transform

When you love you, you no longer tolerate treatment that is less than love. It's automatic; you will not entertain a love that is inferior to the love you have for yourself. Because as you LOVE you and make that the familiar, the experience of being used, abused, discarded, disrespected, unseen, unheard, undervalued, gaslit- will feel so 'wrong' you won't be able to tolerate the low frequency treatment you once did. And it doesn't come from fighting or trying to have a better boundary, but from loving yourself so deeply that your natural boundary emerges an you no longer fight anyone to get the love, care or nurturing you need. You just walk away, towards everything and everyone that can love you well.

On the flip side, your new lease on self love may cause those around you to follow suit and step up to love you well. This must never be your goal behind loving yourself, to get someone to love you, but it often inspires others to love an respect you more. You teach people how to treat you, but how you treat yourself. You set the standard. If they see you neglecting yourself, not having good boundaries, talking down to yourself...ect, they will energetically follow suit. If they see you treating yourself like a queen, loving yourself deeply and honoring yourself... they will either do the same or fall away.

3. Your Stress Levels Drop & You Heal

Tending to yourself with active self love catalyses deep regeneration of the body and soul. As you step away from activities that cause burnout and stress, and lean into what juices you up, and nourishes you -your life will change. I promise. You'll feel flickers of electricity light you up as you return to tending to the simplicity of your true core needs. Self love, causes this. Because when you truly love you, you will not put yourself through hell and stress on a regular basis. You will not worry yourself into circles. You will not tell yourself bad things again and again. No, you'll show up as a true friend, a mentor and a parent to yourself in a way that makes life all the better. This heals.

4. Your Creativity Soars!

This way of living (loving yourself) causes your inner child and core essence to heal and blossom which will cause your inner being to feel safe and bring out your best, brightest and most creative qualities. When you nourish yourself with the specific love you need, everything changes. You'll realize, you are actually not high maintenance, and you were never asking for much. You just needed what you needed. And once you give it to you, the creative, inspired, playful version of you will emerge.

4. Your Sovereignty Grows & Loneliness Dissolves

It's good to want and need other's. We are tribal creatures, and we are not meant to go at this world alone. But it is essential, in order for us to have healthy and lasting connections, to develop a sense of inner sovereignty. Where we are meeting our core needs, so we do not desperately cling to co-dependent/unhealthy relationship dynamics to try and get those core needs met. When you love you, actively, you feel this sense of home inside yourself that will not allow you to cling to toxic environments or people. This home inside of you says "You don't need to compromise to get your needs met, they are all right here... go, live, dance, play! I've got you." You will feel held enough from within to maintain the self respect and higher standards necessary to say no to toxic people and attract in people who will love you effortlessly, without asking you to pay a price for it. Let self love help you become sovereign, and see what happens.

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