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1,2,3,4,5 How To: Find Peace When it Feels Impossible

There is peace after every storm. But can you find peace within the storms of life? It's easy to think it's impossible. And to believe that the only thing that's real is the drama and the chaos and impending problems or outcomes. That the person in your life causing problems is to blame, that economics are to blame, that life's current circumstances are to blame for the frenzy you feel. But the truth is, we manufacture most of our own worries and problems through rumination and our questionable consent to fear's tall tales. There is deep peace waiting to be accessed within you somewhere- yes, even now.

Let's begin the process of cultivating Peace ...

#1. Ask yourself where being frenzied, stressed and worried benefits you? There is always a benefit, psychology calls this the Secondary Gain- where we adopt negative habits and behavior, but they serve us in some way so we continue on with them, even though they are detrimental to us psychologically. #2. Ask yourself what you need to feel more at peace, and give it to yourself. Don't let the answer be "_____ needs to change their attitude." or "This person needs to come back to life." Don't let the answer be something outside of your control. What, within your control, do you need in order to feel greater peace? Give yourself that. #3. Know the difference between Fear & Fact. For example, if Lidia tells you she has to cancel dinner plans tonight- that's a fact, she canceled dinner plans. Fear would read the situation like this "Well she canceled on me and this means she really doesn't like me, and that thing I said offended her last week and I just know she's going out with another friend instead of me and this means our friendship is probably over because I don't like liars or people who avoid me." This fearful rumination and story making comes from wounding. When our childhoods aren't secure we are constantly trying to jump ahead and figure out situations to ascertain what exactly is going on- to try and give ourselves security and understanding, but what we really do is stress ourselves the F out. This is why inner child healing is an essential part of any spiritual or self discovery journey. #4. Journal! Write down all those fears an worries, get them OUT of you. See how ridiculous they look on paper. Read them back to yourself as a dramatic broadway musical actor/actress. You'll see you are quite creative and have an exceptional flare for the dramatic. Then once you've done that, write a letter to yourself from your higher self letting yourself know everything is going to be ok. Trust me, this works every time. There is a wise wizard within each of us, who contains the counsel we need in any given moment.

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