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The 21 Day Cosmic Self Love Challenge!

(July 22nd-August 19th)

21 Days of Coaching for $99 (or $79 with the CL Community)!
$4.71 per day! ($3.76 w/Community)

(Transform your relationship with yourself for less than the price of a coffee.)


Reconnect to Love Itself!

Your opportunity is here to
LOVE YOU! And be in the energy of Love Itself. 

This 21 Day Challenge will wake up your heart and soul!

This is the 21 Day Challenge for you if you desire to ..
Feel More:



In these nourishing 21 days you will:
Release Harsh Self Judgments
Heal & Reparent Your Inner Child

Re-evaluate & Establish Your Relationship With Universal LOVE
Understand & embody your inherent Worth & Value
Learn to love yourself NOW, authentically in a way that nourishes the truest parts of you. 
Open to receive the love and abundance around you
Experience 21 Days of Coaching with Larissa via the SL Forum!
And... more.

As a side-effect of this challenge you can look forward to your relationships elevating, wealth elevating, your happiness elevating and your overall satisfaction increased.  You'll find yourself in the right place at the right time, and with your increased self worth and the frequency of love bubbling around you, what you will attract will be different and new!
This is foundational for all other work you might want to do in the future like finding your purpose, attracting a mate, allowing in abundance, connecting to your intuition...ect,
But all the fluff and manifestations aside, it is true confidence that you will be your biggest win here. Because it empowers you to no longer rely on outer circumstances for the validation, tranquility and love that you seek.
It is all available to you now, from within.

It is time to be liberated from the madness of self doubt, self criticism and self minimizing, and to be connected into something so much more real...

Connected into Love Itself.

Begin today, and go at your own pace! Once purchased you have 30 days to complete the challenge!

Join the Soul Lifted Collective and...


Being Nourished Into Love

You deserve...
Practices to elevate you.
A group to support you.
Coaching to validate and align you.

Each day you will be healing, learning & practicing in a way that deeply embeds the energy of Love into your mind, body & spirit!

These practices will require just 15-45 minutes daily of your time for the next 21 days, and can be done any time of day at your own pace! (There will be some room to skip a day or two if needed as well) 


 You, my darling,  are love itself and through life's intensities or simply through not getting your individualized needs met, you may have forgotten the absolute magnificence of who you truly are.  

If you put regular fuel into a diesel vehicle, it will break down. The same way, if a person does not get their individual needs met, they will break down or at least, not be in their full power.  Often times when this happens we start getting hard on ourselves, wondering what's wrong with us. But it always comes back to our needs.
If you were  denied your truest needs, you are probably now denying them to yourself.
If you were held back, belittled, criticized, neglected or abused- you're probably now doing those things to yourself, on a level you may or may not be aware of.

If you are not feeling like the optimal version of you. It is only because you are not getting the optimal version of love & care that YOU require. 

But the good news is... you have the capacity to love yourself to LIFE! To give yourself everything you ever thought you needed to wait on someone or something else for. It's already within you. 

And if you're reading this, it's time to awaken it!


The Process

During this 21 Day Challenge we are going to establish a new, more authentic, nourishing relationship with yourself and the Universe. 

Which changes everything.

And we are going to do this through simple, sustainable practices like mirror work, journaling & the ever so effortless 20 minute, daily hypnotic Cosmic Love Recording!
Once you start doing this you will wonder how you ever didn't, it's like people who never stretch getting limber for the first time- once they do it they can no longer tolerate the pain and stiffness they once put up with prior because they feel so loosey-goosey and relaxed. 

Once you connect to the Cosmic Love that is always here for you, it will become your new normal and everything in your life will respond in kind. 

The challenge is not about forcing yourself to love any part of you or your ego or your personality- it's about remembering who you really are and falling effortlessly in love with that!  

When you truly remember your spiritual, cosmic self, the love emerges on it's own. 

Join The Challenge
Join The Movement!

Begin Today!

The 21 Day Challenge Will Include

  1. The Transformational Cosmic Love Hypnotic Recording
    2. Interactive Coaching With Larissa via the Forum!
    3. Journaling Prompts
    4. Guided Cosmic Love Healing Processes for Inner Child
    5. Powerful Judgment Release Healing Processes 
    6. Mirror Work 

  2. 7. And so much more!

  3. + You will be completely connected with the Soul Lifted Community the entire time!

Join the Soul Lifted Collective and...


There is literally nothing standing in you way anymore.
The choice is yours.

And the new dimension awaits you.

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