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Welcome to my FREE Master Class to
Unlock Your Self Love Today!







Because you're ready babe. You're really ready for this.

In this 18 minute master class you will uncover the important and REVEALING question to ask yourself, the answers to which will catalyze your Self Love Journey! (The question is revealed midway through the Master Class!)
+ Why, after 12 years of working with clients I call Self Love the 'compound movement' of healing and transformation.
+ Insights into self loves many benefits!
+ Fun new ways to take your self love journey to the next level!
+ My 2 step approach so success self love (The Deep Dive + Integration one-two punch!)

So, get comfy, grab a cup of tea, your pen and paper and let's begin!

About Your Instructor

My name is Larissa Joy,  I am a warrior of LOVE, verified wild woman and lover of the sacred.
I was born and raised in the Mountains of Montana, riding horses and canoeing down rivers. And for the past 13 years I've lived in Hawaii, free diving with the whales and hiking ridge lines. 

I am a Leo, with a Pisces moon, and 8 other planets in Leo. I was born to share the essence of love & confidence.  But ... the Universe also put me through a Master Class, where I faced my own shadow, my greatest fears and deepest hopes on a 15 year quest where I regained my physical health and emotional stability. 

I am certified in RTT & EFT (Rapid Transformation Therapy & Emotional Freedom Technique). But my greatest skills come from having lived through what I have, and come out the other side- double dog daring to shine.  I'm an intuitive and empath, and use these abilities frequently in my work to help detect the deepest layers of someone's issue and to access the most limitless and expansive solutions.

I have been working with clients for over 12 years helping reconnect them with their confidence, inner truth and self love through deep shadow work, inner child healing and consciousness activations!  And I'm taking that 12+ years of work and condensing it into two master classes loaded with the most potent information I could ever share on the topic conquering the blocks and resistance to self love, and EMBODYING  Self Love on a daily basis, in a way that is real and electric! 


And now, let's talk about the most important person in the room, YOU.
YOU, are a sight to behold, a woman on the precipice of diving into her own heart and soul!
A woman who is curious, and maybe aching for more. Who knows deep down there is a magic inside of her, and at the very least... a better, more harmonious and powerful way to exist in this big, beautiful world.
But you want to do more than just exist, you want to LIVE. To feel so connected to yourself that life pulses through you, like sound through a drum, unapologetic and free. To be liberated, to move to the beat of your own drum, and not be afraid. To be bold, inspired and sure- and to have that love channel through you consistently in a way that it magnetizes more love and GOODNESS to you.

IMAGINE for a moment ...
You know what you want
 Know what you need
And you know how to give it to yourself so well that you become the walking, talking, living breathing example of LOVE. You become the the example of how you want to be treated and those who are in alignment with that, gravitate toward you, and those who would rather bring you down than water you and lift you up, vibrate out of your field. 
How inspired you will become living like that. How many opportunities will come knocking at your door, because they are drawn to you at this new, higher frequency

And had the power to become
Instead of swimming up stream ...
We are going to take the steps together, to return to nature herself
and ride the waves she offers us... to our Dreams

Unlock Your Self Love Today!



Begin today, and go at your own pace!

Full Moon

Feel the Peace & Ease
of Reconnecting 

It would take a dozen sessions to cover this much! 

That's what I LOVE about this course! 

I've been able to organize decades of information on the topic of self love into just ______ hours of course work!

20 Hours 
If you were to do this coaching with me for 20 hours that would = $4,654!

But With This Course

You get all the good stuff for just $193!

Ease in aligning with all that you desire in the year to come.

Beautiful, beautiful ease.

The Experience

The 21 Day Unlock Your Self Love Experience

(Priced at only $179*)

Once you begin 21 Day  you will receive a Welcome E-mail (along with a raffle ticket to win a free session with me valued at $349!) and log into the Soul Lifted Community Forum where

The 5 Phases of The Luna Way await you.

With each phase you will feel more deeply into this magical process, and it's resonance with your soul.

Phase 1: Luna Way Oracle Card Reading
Phase 2: The Luna Way Introduction
Phase 3: An Exclusive Luna Way Guided Meditation

(by yours truly + spirt, of course)

Phase 4: The Luna Way Process! (With instructions and The Luna Way New Years Printable Chart) complete with affirmations, mudras and insights for Each Season!.
Phase 5: A Mother Earth Honoring Practice

If you have felt burnt out,  stressed or overwhelmed;  this is your opportunity to feel lighter, gain clarity & approach life in a way that speaks to your soul.

Trust me, it's time to slow down so you can ride the wave and FEEL the ease of how life and manifesting is meant to be.

The raffle for the FREE Session is March 10th!



Join The 21 Day Experience 

And return to the LOVE that YOU ARE.

If you're wondering if it's the right time.
It's the right time.

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