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Your Level of Self Love = The Quality of Your Life

Updated: Jan 4

The quality of your life is a direct result of the close relationships and connections you have

The closet relationship you will ever have ... The person you will spend all your time with ... The one who will impact you the most ...

is You Babe.

If you are right with you, all the wrongs in the world won't shake you. If you aren't right with you... everything will shake you.

Ok , you could people please and focus on everyone else to try and get your needs met, but nothing will fill you sustainably or make you feel more alive and satisfied than LOVING YOU, and building that relationship STRONG. If you're building your foundation based on what you get (or think you can get) from others, you're building it on a fault line. That's why people have tricky codependent relationships that lack true love and intimacy- but instead are built on trying to 'get' something from the other person through manipulation and/or self suppression. Oof! Another article, for another day.

So why should you give a damn about self love? It sounds nice, but how will it actually change your life? What are the practical results? Self Love = A higher vibration/self worth = which attracts better people, bigger money, truer love, greater wellness, more energy & that seemingly illusive thing called inner peace.

When you love you more, you treat you better and value you more which = people treating you better and valuing you more. Wether it be your time money or energy. You and love & value you and you will attract in the mirror of that. It's how the universe works. Not to mention, it makes life more fun & enjoyable. Wouldn't you like to have fun with life again? And stop taking it all so seriously. Focusing on self love and self relationship is a way of getting to the root of things, instead of battling a thousand branches. Self Love is the solution for nearly all of the branches:

Branch - Relationship problems Branch - Money issues Branch - Health issues Branch - Anxiety/Stress/Unhappiness Root - Lack of Self Love

So why wouldn't we take the easy way? That's my question.

Maybe you want to reflect on this:

What is my biggest struggle currently, and how might a lack of self love be at the root of it?

Journaling the answer can be quite powerful.

And I'll leave you with this ...

Imagine a life where you act not for love, but From Love. What does "Self Love" really mean? Click to view the next article on this transformational topic!

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