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The Healing Trifecta = ASMR, Ocean Sounds & Mindfulness... could it get any more relaxing? To experience the tingling, nervous system regulating and centering effects from this audio listen with headphones while laying or sitting quietly with your eyes closed. You may also put this on in the background to ease tension and relax you during your chores throughout the day. 

ASMR is not for everyone, to some it is annoying, the light clicking sounds, the whispers, the softness... to others it is profoundly soothing. Try it out and discover if you are an ASMR lover <3

What is ASMR?: ASMR stands for autonomous sensory meridian response; a term used to describe a tingling, static-like, or goosebumps sensation in response to specific triggering audio or visual stimuli. These sensations are said to spread across the skull or down the back of the neck and, for some, down the spine or limbs. When experiencing ASMR sensations, some people report pleasant feelings of relaxation, calm, sleepiness or well-being.  

Mindfulness Meditation ASMR Whispers - 12 Minutes

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