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You Must Do It Scared, If You Want The Magic

A surreal feeling swept over me as I galloped Spirit along the Moroccan shore. The wind blew through my hair, and the tips of his sleet mane whipped my face. My pale blue dress was soaked by salty hoove-kicked water. This had been a dream of mine since I was 6, and something I had finally put on my vision board 6 months earlier. And now I was living in the vision.

The journey here was like the journey to most great moments- a rocky road of courage and surrender. I was following my Berber guide who spoke 15 words of English. We had ridden across the Sahara and through the Mountains and a long streams and on highways and through villages and past sheep and sheep herders in the middle of 'nowhere'. He was a seasoned rider, reckless and with a wild spirit that rivaled my own. In our 8 day journey of riding hard through desolate places I had been reared up on, bucked, chased for a mile at a full gallop by a pack of wild dogs and one of my horses took a fall to it's knees during a run, sending me over it's head. But I felt fucking alive.

Amusingly, that day I was riding on the beach, my friend texted me to tell me she broke her big toe tripping on her new silk pants, on her way to the kitchen that evening. I left my Morocco adventure without a scratch. Albiet, saddle sore.

In my life I've repeatedly learned this lesson; the gods will protect you when you do what you love.

Or in less mystical phrasing ... It is safer to go do the thing you're scared of, than it is to stay at home and trip on your own silk pants.

When you follow your heart, the gods.. the universe,,, the divine,,, whatever you want to call it, protects you. That deep desire within sends a becon outward and paves the way forward for us- beautifully. And when we finally let go, get bold and surrender into having the experience, we find ourselves on a road full of lovely people, lessons, synchronicities, magic and gifts. Because the desire itself drummed up and called in everything for us. Our Hearts Desires are our quiet prayers, and the universe is designed to reflect them back to us in the form of reality. And if we're dreaming big enough, stepping into the dream should feel scary. If you're comfortable all the way, you might be stepping too softly. Too softly to feel the vibrance and fullness of life, too softly to witness the fear of the unknown and the trembling giggle of having done something out of your comfort zone.

Maybe you need to take bigger steps and make the floor shake.

Those 8 days in Morocco scared me more than anything on my 2 month travels. They shaped me and liberated me and thrilled me. It is the experience that I will unequivocally remember amongst all the already forgotten weeks in my journey. The magic was, and is palpable and has inspired me to all sorts of poetry and further creation in my life. The electricity is with me, and it does not allow me to sit back into old patterns of playing small. From riding wild horses, to sleeping in houses with no roof, to being thrown into a room and stripped naked and bartering for tea and perfume to laughing and drinking wine and eating tajine with people who didn't speak a word of my language. I was 8,000+ miles from my comfort zone in Hawaii, trembling, screaming and laughing and feeling fully alive.

"If you feel safe in the area you're working in, you're not working in the right area. Always go a little further into the water than you feel you're capable of being in. Go a little bit out of your depth. And when you don't feel that your feet are quite touching the bottom, you're just about in the right place to do something exciting."
-David Bowie

This is what children do. They go out of their depth and try new things. A baby makes a new sound, a toddler stands up, a child see's a ballerina for the first time... We think as we age we don't have time for the novel and the new, but it is exactly what keeps the magic brewing- and it is within reach for all of us- if we'll only get out of our heads and live like we don't believe in 'getting old', but instead live like we believe in stretching and growing. Because that's where the magic lives. So Yalla Beena Yalla! Let's go my friend, let's go! Click here to read the poem inspired by Morocco called Do It Scared. With Wild Love,

Larissa Joy Roberts

Soulful Coach, Intuitive & Certified EFT Practitioner

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