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Sacred Poetry - Do It Scared

Do it Scared

Lips unmoved, walk your truth, speak volumes

Ripple the waters

Find your feet, your breath and the life inside your chest

Tend to what matters- To the You on Your death bed

Pause often

Touch the arms of those who speak fast and anxious, because they have forgotten

See your own lostness in their eyes and smile with love, at the reflection

Find your home, wether it is in a lover, friend or the bones of a land who calls you son or daughter

Listen to your deepest ache, and do not run from her

Remember, you belongAnd your home, wether through a dream, a breeze or a voice

Will give you a compass and a map to its doorstep

When you love, do it with a wildness that escapes all shackles and cages, and ravages the pain out of your lover

And let them do the same, let yourself be raptured

Sacrifice hate, worry, doubt and guilt often

Eat your meals, and drink your wine with those who quake the table with their laughter

With those who's words water you

And who's ideas feed your betterment

And awaken you

Don’t sit this one out, because you think you have another day

Pursue what moves you to smiles and tears and trembling

Don’t try to conquer fear, just do it scared

The reward is a life worth living

.- Larissa Joy Roberts

Read the full blog on my adventures in Morocco, and everything that inspired this poem Here!

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