Below is an example of the content Stay Lifted Members are receiving in their inbox each week!


Can I gift a Stay Lifted Membership to a friend?
Yes! Select the plan you prefer, fill out your Credit Card information and when it asks for Name*  Address* Phone Number* Email* Fill int he name of your friend. They will receive the Stay Lifted Membership Gift in their e-mail and will be informed it came from you!

Where do you send my content?
Upon purchase you will be prompted to provide the e-mail you would like your content sent to for the next year!

What's special about the membership vs a one-on-one session? 

You get a deeper understanding of my own personal processes and practices and what I do to stay aligned, connected and live my life day-to-day with spirit constantly and consciously in the mix.

Do I get content as soon as I sign up? 

The first Wednesday after you sign up you will receive your content! (If you join on a Thursday or Friday, I will often start you off with the previous weeks content.)

If I join in June, will I get to see the content from May?

Nope. This is not a program. It is a live membership so if you miss a month, you miss the content for that month. But that won't affect your growth in the Membership because you will receive the Soul Spark package to get you started and up to speed.

How do I receive my content?

By purchasing this membership you will be automatically signed up for the content! 

Is the content pre-recorded throughout the year?

Nope! The content is sent to you as soon as I record it, fresh weekly.

What day of the week will I receive my content?

Wednesday or Thursday! Whichever of those 2 days Spirit inspires the content.

What can I expect to receive weekly?

All the things. You'll get an insight in to my world and how I live and how I communicate and learn from Spirit daily. You may receive a Guided Meditation that The Universe and I have put together one day. And the next ... a channeled message that could be 5, 10, 20 or 30+ minutes long. You will receive processes and skills via video on another day that help you move through life, your thoughts, beliefs and emotions more gracefully. Perhaps the next day you will receive a guided affirmations audio to pop your energy up and help you manifest rapidly!

Why don't you just do a pre-recorded program?

Because that's too predictable, and in order for you to stay inspired on your path and in this work, it needs to be as spontaneous! You don't know what you'll receive each week; all you know is you are on an adventure and everything that comes through to you will be from the absolute intention of love, limitlessness and light.
Also, as mentioned above, this is meant to be juicy and alive. I want to take you on the journey with me so you can see how I consistently stay in alignment and what messages spirit is bringing through TODAY. Not a week ago, or a month or a year ago, TODAY. You deserve the brand new stuff.

How much can I expect to receive?

At least 1 piece of content per week, more when Spirit inspires!

What format will the content be in?

Video (Private Restricted YouTube videos only members can see), audio (mp4 downloads) and documents (for various exercises and processes).

Is my privacy assured?

Yes. You will not see the other members and they will not see you unless you decide to join the message board in the future.

Will it be entirely new content all the time?

Absolutely. But with repeated (affirming) information as needed. 

Love Your Life Already.

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