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You Don't Have to be Good for God

Contrary to common belief (not popular), you do not have to be good to be in the Universe's favor and to have a truly blessed life. Being good is often inauthentic, fear based, limited and contrived. None of these things appeal to God, the Universe, the energy that creates worlds. This omnipotent energy is not 'good', it is Magnificent. It does not punish the volcano for erupting, it does to reward the rose for blossoming. It supports everything in being exactly what it is. Being good means you are no longer being God. You have renounced your Godness and become small. Someone taught you that was the way. Someone taught you that was the holy price required for getting your needs met and being loved. Someone taught you playing small was a perfectly normal adaptation of your human experience- that it was sacred to not be in your full expression ...

It used to be said Love, Joy & Gratitude were the highest frequency. And now we're discovering Authenticity is actually the highest frequency. Not only that, but it is the only frequency which can always, endlessly expand. Because it allows for EVERYTHING from rage to pure bliss. And in moving through those emotions we actually find higher and higher versions of our inner honesty.

If I cannot be angry, I cannot know my own boundaries or preferences. If I cannot cuss, or drink a glass of wine or mess up or be imperfect- I can never be anything real. I can never be the volcano, or the rose blossoming. I can never be substantial, I can only be something that responds to all of the other real things. I will miss my own embodiment, and my destiny. That is what you sacrifice when you behave, try to be perfect and people please. Being a real human being. You miss out on the experience of the highest frequency of all ... Authenticity. The ride to authenticity is absolutely thrilling and alive, it's what most adults are missing- that in the moment-child-like-interaction with life. They are clinging too tightly to their identity, too tightly to the things that would fall alway if they weren't gripping on so tightly... This begs the question, reader, what would life look like in 2 weeks, 2 months, 2 years... if you lived it from full authenticity?

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