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Transform your Fear into Fire ...Baby.

Updated: Jun 18

On the precipice of growth, expansion and change, fear greets you. It stands waiting at the gait of The New to ask you "Shall I take the lead? Shall I walk you in circles? Shall I keep you here in the familiar?" To which many reply "Yes, thank you, take the reins." And you can see it in their eyes and their lives. However, some do not want to be led by fear, but by love... by the soul- by destiny herself. Some dare to walk away from what no longer serves, to be different, to stretch into bigger things- to things unseen, to possibilities... And these are the ones who will face fear in its full magnificence. These brave souls must know one thing if they want to succeed, and not shrink; Fear is not an informant of truth, it is informing you of the lies you carry within you. Doing the thing doesn't scare you... so much as your stories around it like. "I'll fail." "I'm not good enough for this." "I won't be loved." "I won't have what it takes." "It's too late for me." "It's going to be hard." "I'll be rejected." "This is impossible."

These things are the chemical compounds of the fear that freezes you.

Fear says....

"Stay in the known, I'll keep you safe here." But fear is a prison, and prison is only safety to those who fear freedom. To those who know they are capable of living in freedom, prison could never sustain them.

Fear is a an alarm that shouldn't stop you, but signal you to examine your beliefs. What are your beliefs around what you're about to do? And are you willing to upgrade them? Your fear of the bear is valid, if you are standing in the forest with it. But your fear of the bear does not serve you when you are in your warm home sipping a latte.

Fear doesn't want to lead the way, it wants your input. It wants your wisdom, your logic, your deepest knowing... it wants you to tell it the truth. It wants you to uplevel your thoughts and beliefs, so it can take a break. Fear isn't actually inviting you to follow it. Really it's secretly begging you to take the lead so it can learn a new way. You can think of it like a nervous little chihuahua- adorable, full of anxiety... but not exactly leadership material. And if you let it lead, it becomes more aggressive, more nervous, more annoying- and you lead a small life. Let's turn that Fear into Fire!:

My first dance class terrified me- but dance has brought me so much confidence, friendship and fun! My trip to Morocco riding horses across the desert of 8 days literally terrified me... and ended up being life changing & soul expanding (and one of my favorite things I've ever done). Becoming a coach scared the crap out of me... and 12 years later I've reaped more rewards from this career than I can fathom. Now it's your turn Train your brain to fear-less, by reminding it of all the stories of success that began with fear! Fear then becomes a catalyst... and you can look to what you're afraid of an go "AHA! On the other side of this... is the magic of life itself!" Most grown ups avoid what they're afraid of, and then wonder where their childlike sense of aliveness disappeared to...

How ready are you... to go Do It Scared, and live a life full of destiny?

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