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There's a Higher Frequency than L💛VE!

The highest frequency is love... no... joy... no! Gratitude... No, actually. The highest frequency is something so much more dynamic and sexy than any of those. The highest frequency is Authenticity! If you can manage to be in your authenticity, more of the time, you will experience; Increased synchronicity Quicker manifestations

More compliments More appreciation More respect More satisfaction More clarity More energy More abundance

And more inner peace.

You'll feel an inexplainable harmony with life, and a deepening of your own self respect.

Authenticity is congruency in action. When our energy is congruent we are LIT UP! So for example, if you feel anger you would raise to a higher frequency expressing it honestly than you would smiling through it and playing nice. Conversely, if you feel the need to act big and tough, but what you really want is to be held and loved... your big tough energy will lower your frequency- because it's an inauthentic cover-up. When we go against ourselves we lose power, potency and vibrancy. When we honor our deepest truth in the moment and express it we shine and become magnetic to what is truly meant for us.

We don't have to become smiley yogis floating around in white garbs to be holy and high frequency- we just have to be real and our frequency naturally sky-rockets. Seriously. Why do we go against ourselves and act inauthentically? Because, as small children we were taught to 'be good'. In that limited environment called our home, the reality WAS; we needed to behave a certain way to be loved and keep the peace. Maybe you had a controlling parent who made you uneasy unless you did what they said, or a neglectful one who made you feel like you needed to perform or conform to get a speck of attention. There are actually a thousand different scenarios that create this pattern of being inauthentic. But the key is... this is a product of our childhood and the very small enviornment called home. And now... we are in our own homes, we are in our own worlds, making our own rules, and mom and dad are not the only people in our Universe. Our needs will be met- the world is big with 8 billion + people on it... not just 2 (mom and dad).

So in this sacred work of Authenticity the story we created in our childhoods "I get my needs met if I act a certain way." is being offered up as a sacrifice. Now, we declare "I get my needs met when I am authentic." Then we begin noticing all the little ways we suppress ourselves, or change ourselves for everyone around us- and THEN once the light of consciousness shines on these self betrayals, we choose to change. We begin speaking up when we would normally shut up. We begin asking for what we need, when we would normally go without. We begin drawing boundaries and taking time for ourselves, when we would usually wear ourselves out. We begin tapping into our interests and curiosities instead of tending to checklists that are getting us nowhere we want to be. We start saying no to obligations and YES to what makes us happy. And then:

Our lives become more interesting, our relationships grow stronger, what no longer serves falls away, and what belongs to us comes closer, our passions re-emerge from their long hibernation and our energy returns from it's extended vacation. We become alive and electric again, feeling like the child within... the one who existed long before she was told to be something other than her magnificence. Where to start? Ask yourself the question "What am I afraid will happen if I am authentically me in each moment?" Then do the work to dismantle that fear.

With Love, Larissa Joy Certified EFT Practitioner, Intuitive, Soul Coach

Are you ready to do the courageous work so you can raise your frequency, feel inner harmony and live the life of your dreams? Book your 1-on-1 session with me today and we will bust through the blocks that are holding you back and set you free!

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