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Love, Light, a Shot of Tequila & a Kick in the Pants

The world of healing can be tricky. At first, it can bring us fresh, new perspectives that get us un-stuck, but if we lose focus, we can get lost in it. You can begin to feel like who you are as a human is never perfect enough, and to constantly think you need to 'heal' in order to move forward.

After 18 years on my personal hero's healing journy; I have discovered healing is about balance, not perfection. There are clients whom I recommend a little debauchery to. Debauchery is one of my favorite words. It implies induldging in 'sensual pleasures'. Which could be anything that gets you out of your head and into your senses. That's why, sometimes I recommend a shot of tequila and a night out dancing over a quiet meditation and yet another 'healing'. This is going to DEPEND on you though. If your usual outlet is to party your face off, that shot and night out won't bring you healing. If your go-to is deep meditation and looking at the root of your problems... more of that probably won't bring you healing. You need to look at where the excess is, and where the deficiency is. Are you moving too much? Or do you have too much stasis? Is the excess movement in the body? The mind? And what about the stasis? Are you being good? Are you being too good? (No one can answer these questions but you.) The reason healing is 'light work', is not because it's all nicey nice and soft spoken, but because it ILLUMINATES. It looks honestly at what's happening, It's GIVING blinders off, sun shining... 'wtf is going on here?' energy. An honest reflection of the self will reveal the imbalance, and then you can take appropriate action and this will = balance = healing. I dare you to do this by asking yourself "What is my soul asking for right now?" because the bold answer to that question, is the balance you need. The soul will give us an answer that doesn't make total sense to our 'logical mind'- but that is only because our brain isn't designed to help up grow, expand and cultivate happiness, it's designed to help us merely survive. You have survived my love, it's time to go beyond that. The world is primed and ready for you to THRIVE. Larissa Joy Soulful Coach, Intuitive Want to watch my sassy reel on this topic? Visit my Instagram @larissajoysoulcoach

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