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Karmic Relationships; This is what happens when you leave them ...

Hello Beautiful Beings! Is there a more potent (and painful) way to process through your shadow and unconscious programs than by entering a Karmic Relationship? I do think so! Here's your video for the week "What happens when you leave toxic & karmic relationships?" and it's pretty magical, between all the logic, of course.

I was inspired to create this video on Leaving Toxic and Karmic Relationships because I am witnessing a rise in women walking away from relationships that have been unmistakebly Karmic. But what is the Karmic relationship? Go to minute 3:00 in the above video to find the answer! But I think an even more interesting question is... what happens when we finally transmute our way through the Karmic relationship and free ourselves from it? Now THIS! This is where the maigc happens! And nobody is talking about it. Nobody is talking about the magic that awaits you when you release the karmic relationship! Meditating on the image below may give you some clues though :) And watch the YouTube video listed above for the full details on this topic!

With Love, Larissa

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