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2 Myths About Wild Women

#1. They don't feel fear Oh my goddess, this one is laughable. The opposite is often true, Wild Women feel significantly more moments of temporary onset fear than almost any other creature on the planet. But, the pivotal factor is; they don't let fear guide their decisions because they are tapped into something deeper that pulls them forward in the direction of their True North, regardless of the trembling in their bodies, or churning in their stomach. Embodying the Wild Woman archetype is really; knowing who you are, what you stand for and living that regardless of the circumstances. So then ...

Even if someone disapproves, live it. Even if it means losing an external possession, live it. Even if it means going into the unknown, live it. Even if it means agitating others, live it. Even if it means waking up earlier, live it. Even if it means getting uncomfortable, LIVE IT.

These are the core of a wild woman. She traverses the world with deep, unshakable integrity and authenticity. She is the living, breathing, walking antidote to the suppression that women, nature and the human spirit have suffered throughout the ages.

(Read this article on how to identify your Pillars of Integrity so you can uncover your Wild Woman archetype)

"(The Wild Woman) is the living, breathing, walking antidote to oppression and all that women, nature and the human spirit have suffered."

#2. They don't second guess themselves

Again, I'm giggling here. Holy shit, can you imagine breaking free from the constraints of society, rebelling against all of the programming you've endured- and never second guessing yourself? Delightful concept. But I don't recommend reaching for that, for one, you would need to be very detached, to an unhealthy degree, and for two, you would be striving for perfection, and that's just not wild.

I second guess myself a few times a week- I think it's healthy to be able to pause and evaluate and not always charge forward. The key is, when the doubt creeps in, instead of running in loops and consulting only the limited resources of my brain to 'figure out' if I'm making the right move/choice, I find my center and consult with my whole intelligence. That's right, heart and SOUL baby. This might look like breath work and journaling, meditation and an oracle card pull, getting into nature and 'being' or dancing. Or if all else fails, a shot of tequila.

(Read the article Here on How To Connect With Your Inner Wisdom) Once I feel that magical shift from confusion and stress to relaxation and trust, then I look at the issue at hand. That's another secret to being wild, it's an inside job. If you're waiting for external circumstances to change in order to feel free and at peace. You're not wild or free when your emotional state is in the cage of external dependency. Second guessing, to the wild women then, becomes an opportunity to 'drop in' and observe. Instead of a trigger to loop and stress.

You see, second guessing is a symptom of detaching a bit too far from your Divinity. And really, that's ok. It's ok to be a bumbly human and forget your eternal nature at times, your soul came here to experience some of that, but when that starts to create suffering, it's time to flip the switch and come home to your EVERYTHING, your eternal, wise nature; Your allness, your wholeness, your isness! Your wild. In summation; wild isn't perfect, or void of common human emotion- it comes with all of that, but intact with the good sense to not be ruled by temporary feelings or situations, but to be governed by our integrity and inner wisdom, to know our core and live it freely regardless of anything or anyone in our outside world.

I see you, I hear you, I feel you, I've got you,

I Love You Wildly, Larissa

(Disclaimer: There will be those who say "But there are people in dangerous situations who must be careful." and to that I say, "True." But that is not the demographic on this website, and it is also not the majority of the world, the majority of the world is acting like they are enslave and in danger, when the only thing they are chained to is their limiting beliefs and the only thing they are in danger of is annoying someone or experiencing disapproval, I think we can all agree we are in an age of privilege and possibility, so it time to heal the deep wounds of fear and rise.)

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