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Larissa Joy

Spiritual Coach,
Emotional Freedom Technique Practitioner
RTT Hypnosis Practitioner


What are you doing here?
What are you searching for?

Deep down the answers are all within you
so let's dive in and uncover the magic

- Larissa Joy

Larissa utilizes the modalities of Inner Child Healing, Hypnosis, Akashic Regressions, Emotional Freedom Technique & Her Empathic and Angelic Gifts to assist you in:

Connecting deeply with your own soul

Accessing your inner ancient wisdom
Strengthening your intuition
Living a beautiful and authentic life
Having the freedom to be YOU unapologetically
And tapping into your beautiful confidence!

Read Larissa's Story of Healing, Triumph & Spiritual Awakening

The Soul Lifted Intention


The world is waking up,

And it is inviting you- invoking you, to awaken too, and ask yourself

"Who am I underneath all of this?"

Whatever the answer is ...

It will require you to let go of the heavy baggage you carry, heal the wounds of your past and embrace the very essence of who you truly are. 
And it will urge you to embrace your natural gifts and reconnect to your sacred and ancient wisdom.

If imagining your life; soul centered and thriving, unapologetically Goddess, Witchy & a Wild Woman  brings a flutter to your heart and a grin to your lips... then welcome to the tribe, and let's begin

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To learn, grow & up level your life through trusting your soul

About Us

What Souls Have To Say

Yoga in Bamboo House

Emily, H

I have felt disconnected from myself for most of my life and after working with Larissa I've been able to understand WHY!   I feel a confidence and self love that I never really thought was possible for me, and I am forever grateful.



Working with Larissa has been a complete life changing experience. She is a beautiful, loving and caring person with immense knowledge. 


Symptoms related to chronic illness diminished and some disappeared only after one session. My mindset around health is completely different and more positive. 


She made me believe in myself and my intuition. She made me aware of my amazing potential in this life. 

Stephanie, Janise

Larissa is an amazing gifted healer! I have had two sessions with her and they have both been absolutely profound and transformational. She has a true gift. Her beautiful energy just puts me at ease and I really felt comfortable and safe exploring some difficult traumas from my past. I recommend her to anybody looking for deep and profound spiritual healing!

You have permission to 
live free and be magical

Connect With Larissa Directly Here.

Typical Response within 4 hours.

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