The Loving Intention

The world is waking up,
So I invite you- invoke you, to rise up.
What is your role in the global awakening? 

Light-worker, seer, healer, way-shower, visionary, artist, rebel, earth warrior…?


Whatever your destiny is ...
It will require you to let go of the heavy baggage you carry, heal the wounds of your past and embrace the very essence of who you truly are.
If this sounds intriguing to you, if imagining your life at a limitless level of health, freedom and abundance brings a flutter to your heart and a grin to your lips... then welcome to the tribe, and let's begin. 

"I would recommend Larissa to ANYONE who is ready to live a life of deeper meaning. She is a  gem and I know my life is forever changed (elevated) for having worked with her."

- Mindy Blare

"The inner child healing I experienced in 3 sessions with you was equal to 20 years of therapy." Missy L.

Buddha Statue

You helped me find me, and I am forever thankful.


Larissa Joy

Emotional Freedom Technique Practitioner
Rapid Transformation Therapy Practitioner
Intuitive, Empath, Channel

 12 years in the world of "healing" revealed to me that 
happiness and health are not about learning complex techniques or doing years of therapy... true wellness lays within creating a lifestyle that connects you more deeply in with nature and your own internal rhythms.

We are so disconnected in our society from our deepest nature as soulful human beings. 

We have forgotten who we are and how to be in harmony with the magnificence of nature.

My darling, it's time to wake up & thrive in the beauty of this thing called life.