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Larissa Joy

15 Years Experience
Intuitive Coach,
Emotional Freedom Practitioner
RTT Hypnosis Practitioner




What does your soul want?

Uncover it


So You Can:
Love Yourself
Find Peace


See Your Life Through The Windows of Clarity!

The path to your soul is deep and beautiful, and you can begin the journey today . . . 

Read Larissa's Story of Healing & Spiritual Awakening

Transformative 1:1 Zoom Experiences

What Makes Soul Lifted Different?

Soul Lifted is not about the regurgitation of information, 
but accessing your souls unique wisdom

You have a beautiful soul within you, and it is aching to guide you in this life.

To make the complex things simple and turn your challenges into revelations that guide you home to yourself.

I'm here to facilitate a safe and expansive space primed to liberate you and help you come home to the truth of yourself, and all the peace and joy that is there for you.

Because my motto is:

The best people in life, are free.

With Love,

Larissa Joy

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Ask Yourself 

Who am I?


Your Soul Knows.

What do I want?


Your Soul Knows.

How do I get it?


Your Soul Knows.

Let go of the distractions
And find your soul again. 

Ask Larissa a question here.

Typical Response within 4 hours.

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