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Larissa Joy

15 Years Experience
Intuitive Coach,
Emotional Freedom Practitioner
RTT Hypnosis Practitioner




Unravel Yourself

Your soul holds the treasures and answers you seek.    You may feel separate from this power within because life and society has asked you to look away from this part of yourself; To fit in, to calm down, to 'get real'... and for some this has created a 'reality' that the deeper part of us knows is only a compromised version of the life we are meant to Be Living!

If you feel held back, if you feel afraid, if you feel like something is missing... if you feel caught in cycles that don't serve you anymore, then might I invite you to come home to your souls deep wisdom? And to to live a life that suits the truth of who you are...

Maybe you know who you are at your core, or perhaps that is the journey you must embark on now... either way, you are invited into the Soul Lifted Vortex, a special energetic space to plant the seeds of your new reality. 

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How to awaken the wisdom of the Soul...

Our soul is the innate part of our wisdom. The all knowing, ever evolving, eternal aspect of our being. It has collected valuable data throughout all of space and time.
Truthfully, it does not need to be awakened, but allowed. It is such a natural part of us, it IS US, and when we aren't working to suppress it, it Comes to Life.

This can feel strange, and wonderful and uncomfortable. It is an experience full of release, relief, 'aha's' and WTF's!
Some would say this spiritual journey isn't for everyone, but what if it is? Doesn't our beautiful world deserve to be filled with awakened souls, living whole heartedly?

My 'awakening' was a brutal 12 year journey, more like 15, but the final 3 were lighter. I was debilitated, bedridden, abandoned, used, abused and every fabric of my life was torn to smithereens.  I fought for my life every day, and went up against vultures and predators and those who I thought loved me... as they condemned me, stole from me, left me for dead and took advantage of me in my weakest moments.  My body was breaking down because it was time to Wake Up, and I was resisting it- trying to hang on to the unhappy familiar.
And now, I walk people through their own trials into freedom. Wether it's deliberation about their work, family life, relationships, health or inner conflicts, my work is to facilitate the movement of blocked energy and limiting beliefs so people can do what's natural. So they can experience stepping away from the fight, flight, numbness and ego... and merge with their souls deep and peaceful wisdom.

Each of us are being nudged by our spirit, and our dissatisfaction and suffering comes from the resistance to listening and making moves in the direction of that nudging. 

When considering the soul, this phrase speaks volumes  "Easy choices, hard life. Hard choices, easy life."  The soul asks us to be brave so we can experience the best life has to offer.  It's my honor to help you live in that bravery, to assist you in learning to trust the most beautiful part of yourself and to facilitate a magical playground for you to be the truth of who you are and overcome anything in your way. 

Because honestly, the best people in life, are free.

With Love,

Larissa Joy


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Ask Yourself 

Who am I?


Your Soul Knows.

What do I want?


Your Soul Knows.

How do I get it?


Your Soul Knows.

Let go of the distractions
And find your souls passion. 

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