The Loving Intention

The world is waking up, ripe and ready for evolution, for creativity, boldness and magic.
But not everyone see's it this way. So many are caught in the hum-drum of life, in living the way that they have been conditioned, so caught up in being spectators that they miss out on what's really possible for them.
Never mind them. What is possible for you?
Soul Lifted is here to help you not only heal yourself, but to elevate you to a level that allows you to experience how breathtaking life really is, if you wish. 
Instead of struggling through, or simply existing in life, Soul Lifted invites you- invokes you to the next level of life emersion.
This will require you to let go of the heavy baggage your carry, heal your wounds and embrace the very essence of who you truly are. 
When you live from such a level of authenticity you automatically radiate your gifts, your "medicine" in to the world. And in doing so you benefit the planet and all her inhabitants. This is an essential part of Soul Lifted's Mission.
If this sounds intriguing to you, if imagining life at this level brings a flutter to your heart and a grin to your lips... then welcome fellow light being.

2 Ways to Simplify and Accelerate Your Spiritual Growth

Take a breath. The profound shifts happen in the simplest moments.


Larissa Joy

Certified EFT Practitioner, Intuitive, Energy Facilitator

At the age of 6 I realized that I could hear the truth behind  people's words,
feel the emotion behind their expressions,
and see the conflict around them in their energy field 
But it wasn't until I went through a 5 year battle for my own life, that I awoke fully to my clairvoyant, claircognizant, clairsentient & clairaudient gifts and emerged from the circumstances of my life with an inspired determination to help others end their suffering and become aligned with their true selves, and their own special gifts

My job is to remind you of your true magnificence are and give you the tools to be that.

Because that is what will set you free from your suffering.

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