The Loving Intention

The world is waking up,
So I invite you- invoke you to rise up.
What is your role in the global awakening? 

Light-worker, seer, healer, way-shower, visionary, artist, rebel, earth warrior…?

Whatever your destiny is ...
It will require you to let go of the heavy baggage you carry, heal the wounds of your past and embrace the very essence of who you truly are.
If this sounds intriguing to you, if imagining your life at a limitless level of health, freedom and abundance brings a flutter to your heart and a grin to your lips... then welcome to the club, and let's begin. 

"This work has changed my life. Larissa will blow your heart and your mind wide open. You will never see the world or your problems the same way again."

- Deja R.

Larissa Joy

Emotional Freedom Technique Practitioner
Rapid Transformation Therapy Practitioner

  My purpose, and isn't it delicious when we are living our purpose? Is to help you overcome your past, digest your emotions & remember who you truly are. Because when any human being accomplishes these 3 things 

they wake from their slumber and become truly alive. 

You can heal, you can overcome, you can have the life that is meant for you and become who you're meant to become.

Let me show you.

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You have the ability to transform virtually anything in your life.

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Love Your Life Already.

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