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Welcome to the live Hypnosis & Energy Healing Webinar!

Is there something in your life you've been 'efforting' for or putting a lot of effort in to thinking about, but it just hasn't manifested? This Block Breaking webinar is about to change that for you ...

Webinar Date: July 22nd, 2020 1pm PST!
Where: Zoom (an invite will be sent to your e-mail)

In just a few short hours on a Wednesday you will ...


  • Align you with a deep feeling of worthiness. 
  • Heal the past that has made you believe you aren't worthy of what you want. 
  • Break cycles of lack, limitation and lovelessness in your family and bloodline.
  • Clear your energy
  • Find a deeper level of Self Love 
  • Learn to receive

Webinar Structure:

  1. Begin with Q&A & Check In (15 minutes)
  2. Move in to gentle intention setting with entire group (5 minutes)
  3. Deep Transformational Healing Session (1 hour, 10 minutes)
  4. Follow Up Q&A With Larissa (30 minutes)


Will I have to share personal information?
No, this will be a guided healing and only you need that personal information for the healing to happen :)

How is it possible to conduct healing on multiple people at one time?
The thing is, no one ever heals you, you heal yourself, I will simply be guiding each and every one of you in to the spaces that need healing through hypnosis.

Do I get any special gifts prior to the webinar?:
Yes you do! Today you will receive a 15 minute webinar prep meditation video that you can watch immediately + you will receive the Webinar Playbook form to fill out via e-mail within a few hours of clicking the Buy button. Both of these tools begin the healing process right away and cause your inner being to start releasing and dissolving the blocks you may have.  

You are a beautiful, powerful light.  You have access to instant happiness and joy!  You are capable of more magic than you realize.

See you there.

With Love & Joy,

Ticket To: The Divine Birthright *Live Healing* Webinar


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