Thrive in Uncertainty - 2020 and Beyond.

“Surely you must be joking? If I can’t trust, it’s the fault of someone else! The government! The viruses! The outside world! Not me! I’m the victim here…” - The Ego

To Thrive in Uncertainty we must master the ability to Trust. But to truly trust, you have to let go of what your old idea of what trust is. This is why it is such a big 'issue' for people, trusting- because they've been instructed to do it in a toxic way. Toxic Trust; Trusting things will go the way you want them to.

The Toxic way of Trusting is trying to trust external outcomes. "I trust that this situationw will workout exactly as I hope for it to." <---- That is the perfect example of Toxic Trust, forcing yourself to believe that the outcome you visualized will come true, and then feeling disappointed, deflated or even devestated when it doesn't. Then picking yourself up off the floor and ramping up AGAIN to trust ... this time in a relationship "working out" the way you envision it should and then feeling the crashing devestation when it doesn't. That type of "trust" is bein placed the idea that your preferred outcome will occur. And this isn't trust at all, this is a control mechanism.

Healthy Trust; Trusting that however things go, you have the ability to respond in a way that feels good, strong and true to you.

"This could go many way, I have my hopes, I have my dreams, I'm excited about it! And regardless of how it goes I'm going to approach it with curiosity and ingenuity because no matter what- I will respond in a way that feels good to me." Healthy trust, is actually you learning to fortify and customize your ability to respond to life.

That's power right there. Now you're free. You don't have to cling to a job, a lover, an idea or vision of the future. You can dream it, of course- but it doesn't have to happen for you to be ok. And certain challenging things don't have to NOT happen in order for you to be ok. So you are no longer clinging and grasping or in aversion and running from something. When you learn to respond to life in the way that feels best for you, by not criticising yourself, telling yourself scary stories or being negative- it doesn't matter what life throws at you, it will be an adventure, a curious adventure calling forth endless SOULutions and strengthening you at your core. When things don't work out the way I had dreamed them up, my curiosity is alwasy peaked "Well, well Universe... what do you have in store that I haven't even been able to dream?" Then- without fail- the Universe shows me another path, another doorway. You see it's about trusting the process and trusting your ability to respond to your circumstances with self compassion and curiosity instead of punishg yourself- it's never been about anything else. So you can trust that you will respond to 2021 better than you have responded to any year previous, and in doing so, nothing will ever be as bad as it was, because 99% of our suffering is in our thoughts and our reactions to the world. The world can cause us temporary pain, but only we can create the lingering suffering from that pain. But guess what, you have the option to play, take this whole thing a little less seriously and no longer depend on outcomes that you can't control anyway. So kick back, stop sanitizing things, drink a little red something and relax in to knowing...on the other side of this storm is a version of you that knows how to respond to life powerfully. And there's also another storm waiting

it was never about ending all the problems in the world- it was always about knowing you have the skills to face anything. Your Weapons If You Choose To Accept Them: Curiosity, Self Compassion & Playful Ingenuity . Larissa Joy Emotional Freedom Technique Rapid Transformational Therapy Trauma & Inner Child Healing

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