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Starseeds & Lightworkers; Living Your Destiny

Hello Beautiful Beings, This article and video were channeled to assist you in uncovering your destiny as a Starseed or Lightworker by sifting through the contrast of your life to bring into clear vision your magic and what you are here to seed the world with!

But first... we MUST sift. And move past the "I don't wanna be here." aspect that so easily emerges as we observe the distortions on the planet from our deep consciousness and high levels of awareness. The key is to use those observations to spark our inner magic, not to hide.

1. Heal so you can remember who you truly are beneath the wounds and programming. 2. Look to your biggest struggles and challenges for evidence of what you're here to create and to offer to the world. 3. Instead of hiding from the world or being upset at what it's lacking, Seed the world with what you know it needs (you're that powerful).

4. Watch the video for more!

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