How to: Simplify Your Spiritual Growth

1. Breathe more. Try to find the answers less. Spirituality is more about getting in touch with Your Spirit, rather than doing "spiritual stuff" that other people say to do. So whether you're researching which star seed planet you come from, scouring Teal Swan's YouTube channel or you've read every Eckhart Tolle and Wayne Dyer book ever written. Remember: these are just a variety of conduits pointing you towards the same thing "Find Your Clear And Powerful Center Dummy". The answer's aren't "out there", they never have been. The answer is not in any particular person or modality or theory. The answer is in you, so hunt for good questions instead- because they will activate the wisdom from within you. And when you run across a good question, breathe with it. Sit with it. Let it wash over you. Let your "reaction" to it fade, sink in to your juicy center and find your own conclusions. Do this time and time again, until you are eventually coming from a place of complete originality, peace and knowing. 2. Be More Playful. It's Not About Getting It Right :)

Seriousness is not the same as reverence. Play with your new concepts, enact new ways of being that feel better to you, say what feels true for you, believe in what resonates with you, go down the road you've always wanted to...

and dare to be wrong about all of it!

Your reverence and your presence is required through this process of spiritual awakening, but not your "seriousness". So don't take yourself too seriously. Just because you've opted to live a life of awareness and you're willing to open your mind to new concepts does not mean you need to judge others for living their life their way, or throw away all your Louis Vuitton's or start wearing what all the hippies wear. You "can" do whatever you want, but only if it feels free, and good and peaceful is it beneficial to your awakening process. Lastly, let your friends and family see you fuck up in all of this. Whoops, maybe you couldn't heal your acne using an amethyst like you swore you could. Oh well, at least you tried it, because wouldn't that have been cool? I guarantee you, you're going to run across things that don't work, but then you'll run across new miraculous things that work incredibly well. It's worth it. Dare to be a human being during your awakening. It's all part of the journey.

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