How Unconscious Beliefs Cause Disease

How could a simple belief possibly cause the cells to become so disorganized and unwell? The science of belief and it's impact on our bodies is better explained by great minds like Joe Dispenza, Bruce Lipton & Greg Braden. What I have to share with you is an example of how something as simple as not getting basic need met for closeness and validation of "enoughness" can initiate the spiral into dis-ease.

Sarah has a "good childhood", her father is a little detached, but made sure she was fed and cared for and her Mother is a "giver". And because children do as we do, not as we say, Sarah becomes a detached giver. Which means she is scared of intimacy, having not felt it regularly, and she see's that her "value" as was her mothers value lays in what she can give and do for people. So Sarah finds herself burning the candle at both ends and at the same time unable to receive what she needs to get filled up, from herself or anyone else. She goes through a hard breakup in her twenties, and because it didn't work out she made it mean "I'm not enough." this belief was easy for her to come up with considering one of her core beliefs was "I need to give to be loved." which predisposes her to feelings of unworthiness. Burning the candle at both ends has caused her adrenals to become depleted, which has impacted her kidney's. When the kidney's are upset we are prone to higher anxiety, and more fear, our fight-or-flight kicks in more readily and our cortisol levels de-regulate. Thus the spiral begins. Left untreated and out of balance on a mental/emotional level this sort of pattern can turn into many diseases. And when the body begins to experience dis-ease there is a tendency to believe "I'm bad/there's something wrong with me." further propelling the spiral of dis-ease itself. The cells are listening. They don't speak English, but they speak energy, and when you say "There's something wrong with me." not just once, at your doctors office, but perpetually in the back of your mind as a belief, you are creating an energy that the body responds to. The body hears your energy and if you are believing scary things the energy body and the body itself are contracting in the blood vessels, muscles, nerves...ect, Breathing gets shallower and faster and the diet may get worse as you crave foods to make you feel alive between the adrenalin rushes and cortisol overload. And the cycle builds, build and continues until the pattern gets disrupted mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. This is just one example, there are millions of examples possible for how beliefs cause and perpetuate disease, and it's not until we dive deep that we can uncover what our bodies are trying to tell us, and how they're trying to get us to untangle ourselves from the lies we've told ourselves and truly come home to our deepest truth and identity.

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