Healing Emotionally & Physically Through The Inner-Child

Updated: Mar 2

Many people are set up up for dis-ease from childhood. They were either taught something like "The world isn't safe." or they were mistreated, even abused. Even the experience of not being fully seen or understood by ones family can cause a person to develop disease. But why? Why would something so seemingly insignificant alter the course of a person's well being? Well... it only seems insignificant because of the void-of-heart culture most of us were raised in. If you go back to indigenous and matriarchal peoples, they were so thorough when it came to caring for infants and children, making sure that the first 7 years (the most impressionable years where a child is basically in hypnosis *theta brain wave*) that child got EVERYTHING they could want or need. And this did not create a greedy child, it created a child who felt safe, cared for, abundant and filled up with love. "The West African wisdom is a common belief among indigenous people world-wide. The First Rule of the Child in indigenous communities is "The Child is the Center of the Universe. For example, if a group of adults is discussing business, and a child should enter their sphere, all conversation of adult business stops, adult activity ceases and all attention turns to the child. From this, the child gains feelings of self-importance, a strong personal identity and they gain a sense of importance." - Russel Means. So that means the "I'm not enough." pandemic, that is at the core of most mental and physical discomfort- is never formed. Imagine, if you never believed you weren't enough...

"A child in this (indigenous) culture never hears the word "No". Both adults and older children give the child whatever he or she wants, thereby eliminating wishing and wanting" - Russel Means and by proxy the child does not develop a lack mentality! The mentality that blocks abundance and creates so much stress for the majority of civilized people. "By the age of 6, all cultures understand that the child is ready to leave the side of the Mother. At this age males begin to teach the child the building blocks of discipline. Also participating n this process are older community members of both genders, Aunties and Uncles, Grandparents. Never deprived, the child has no material wants. He or she aspires to be gentle, firm, honorable, and responsible. In the same way that they have been treated by adults and older children." - Russel Means "Once the child is old enough to walk, children of 8 or 9 years will take the small children with them to play together. Here the small children interacts with children of all ages. And Auntie will feed them snacks. The child may take a nap in the Tipi of a friend or relative, feeling safe and secure in the bosom of the community" - Russel Means. I wonder, did you have that? A feeling of safety in this world? And opportunity to interact with other children who were respectful and protected you? "Later the child visits Elders. The child gets to hear stories and create bonds with those of all generations. "

Throughout the Childs life there are many ceremonies like The Giveaway where the child learns the joy of giving, thus releasing greed or any feelings of "lack" around letting go. When the young girls get their first moon (menstrual cycle) a ceremony in their honor is created to announce their sacred arrival into womanhood! There is none of this shame or silence around the body or femininity, but unapologetic celebration! As the children age into their teens they are given opportunities to participate in ceremonies like sweat lodges and Sundance both designed with the idea of purification and honoring the divine feminine and power of a woman to menstruate (cleans, sweat lodge) and create life (Sundance). So perhaps you did not have any notable traumas. But were you given deep bond and connection? Were you given intentional, clear guidance? Were you made to feel valuable and important? Were you seen and heard? Were you taught at a young age how to love, support and care for others from a place of balance? Were you celebrated not for "achieving" but for the pure process of moving through the stages of growth? Were you thing guided with ceremonies and rituals that cleansed your body, purified your spirit and fed your heart? Were your specific needs met? Any child denied these things is going to feel a sense of disconnect within themselves and be prone to unhealthy beliefs and habits, and even disease. We as humans need so much more than a roof over our heads and things bought for us. We need the richness of love, true safety, secure bonds, wisdom, guidance, mindfulness and ritual. Then, then we can thrive. If you were denied these things, I'm so sorry. You deserved all the love and wise, intentional guidance in the whole world, little one. You deserve it now, so you can thrive and come home to yourself. The beauty of it is, now that you are grown, you as the adult can give the inner child everything he or she has ever needed to truly heal from within.

If you feel you would like to dive deeper into your own inner child healing journey book a Personalized Healing Session with Larissa today!

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