Are You A "V" Type or "C" Type Person?

Updated: Dec 31, 2019

What do you believe shapes your life more profoundly? 1. What Happens To You.

or 2. What You Make It All Mean. If you answered 1, you are more of a V Type. If you answered 2, you are more of a C type. Let's preface this by saying we all have a little C in our V and a little V in our C, so don't get too hung up on the statistics. But we have a choice as to which of these two we fortify and grow within ourselves. K? ~ "V" Types believe life just happens. That they are underneath life somehow. That they are subject to their own programmed responses. They live their entire lives usually settling for much less than they would secretly like. Only secretly, because they don't dare to dream big out loud.

They are more apt to be spectators than players in life. You will find them cheering at football games, watching the news, judging C types (read below), perusing other people's social media and criticizing unconventional methods.

Their moods are subject to what is happening around them or to them. They don't feel comfortable thinking outside of the box, and are influenced by societal structures and norms. Unconsciously, they find themselves following the trends and doing what's "normal" or "cool" even if it doesn't bring them much joy.

Things you'll hear a "V" Type say: "That's just how it goes ..." "Life isn't fair." "Why did this happen to me?" "That's never going to work." "I just can't ..." "But this is how I've always done it." "Our world is a mess." "That's not proven by science." "It's society's fault ..." "It's too hard." "The News shows us the shape of our world." "Our world and our planet are doomed."

~ "C" Types believe life happens and then you make magic from it. They can get knocked down hard in life and still get something positive and valuable from it. They are observers, but not spectators, they look at life with an eye for living it better, they are more likely to be in the game than watching it.

They tend to go for their dreams and consider their "failures" as lessons bringing them closer to their goals. They look to others for inspiration, not to idolize or be jealous of them.

Their moods are fairly stable, whether they've just won a raffle or they're waiting in line at the super market. They have a reasonable amount of happiness exuding from them at all times.

They think outside the box often, and they are not likely to follow a trend unless it really suits them. They have a hard time making small talk, but they are completely comfortable talking you through a crisis.

Things you'll hear a "C" Type say:

"So here's an idea ..." "What if ..." "The hardships I've gone through have strengthened me and made me a more compassionate person." "How can we find a solution here?" "Show me." "Why not?" "Let's try it." "Yea, but I learned so much from it ..." "I'm scared; I'm going to try anyway." "We are shaping our world in this very moment, right here." "There are endless possibilities to heal our planet. And I'm doing something about it." Have you disCoVered it yet? C Types are Creatives. V Types are Victims. Creativity and Victimhood are like Green and Red; they are on the opposite side of the color wheel of life. And depending where you are on that color wheel, your life is going to look and feel radically different. C = Life Happens For Me. V = Life Happens To Me. Don't worry if you fall in to the V Type; it's not embedded in your DNA, it's just habitual. And if you're inspired to change it, there are lots and lots and lots of options. <---- Something a C Type would say, btw.

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