3 Signs You're Listening to Your Intuition Instead of Your Fear

Intuition grants each individual the power to navigate their lives boldly, without having to always look to society or what others are doing for the answers to life's big questions. Intuition helps us move away from low frequency people and experiences and gravitate towards what serves us. Intuition guides us to a greater understand of ourselves and our world. But how the hell do you know if you're tapping in to your intuition? There are lots of examples I could give, but that would be a little off brand for me, I prefer to pose big questions so you can find the clearest answer for yourself. Below are 6 questions that will cause you to know without a doubt if you are making decisions from Intuition or Fear. Have fun ...

~ 3 SIGNS IT'S INTUITION: 1. Does it feel light and expansive? (Does the thought of it feel good? Do you feel an openness in your body? Can you breathe better at the thought of it?) 2. Does it feel congruent with your morals and values? (In other words: If you look back at this decision in a few months, will you be proud of it?)

3. Does it feel natural for you? (When you consider it, does it bring you a feeling of peace and ease?) ~ 3 SIGNS IT'S FEAR:

1. Does it feel like escape or avoidance? (Maybe it feels good on some levels, but overall the idea of it really is you escaping a problem that needs to be dealt with or even escaping your own inner demons.)

2. Does it feel hasty? (Maybe you made this decision while in an unpleasant state of anxiety, pressure, anger or confusion.) <--- Decisions made out of unpleasant moments tend to bring more unpleasantness (law of attraction). If you can, get centered and in a good feeling space within yourself before you make choices. 3. Does it feel familiar? Almost ... too familiar? (It may feel like relief, or excitement on some level, but deep down you know it's a programmed response not coming from your heart, but rather from habit.)

Ta Dah! In short, if you feel excitement and peace about something at the same time, then you know you're on a rather beautiful, intuitive journey.

What is your new clarity between Fear and Intuition now? Comment below what you have epiphanie'd, and what you have to share with the Soul Lifted community. Love And All The Good Stuff, Larissa Joy Certified EFT Practitioner, Intuitive, Soul Whisperer What's the secret to making consistently intuitive decisions? Read this article for more exploration in to this topic. Which sessions are recommended for strengthening intuition?: Goddess Self Integration and/or Integrating Your Soul Essence. The Stay Lifted Membership is designed for intuitives, bringing you weekly lessons, meditations and channeled messages to keep you clear, centered and inspired.

Highly Recommended.

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