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Soul Lifted's New Wave Group Coaching!

I am so excited to offer group coaching to special individuals seeking new levels of growth, transformation and upliftment in their lives through the power of returning to their true nature and their inner wise wild woman!

Check out the information below to uncover the possibilities and the unique benefits of Soul Lifted's New Wave  Group Coaching! 

Because my darlings, you were born wild. And you know it's time to REwild, so that you can REturn to the truth of who you are.




Free Your Mind



So that you can;
Meet The Goals Of Not Your Ego,

But Of Your Soul.

and Rewild  Yourself
From The Inside Out

Group Coaching For Rewilding & For Your Soul

The immense and special peace that we feel when we are living our truth and are attuned to our souls, is immeasurable. It's magic is deeply hidden beneath our modern society of doing, achieving and distracting. 

This very Unique 8 Week Soul Lifted New Wave Coaching Program is designed for those who long to live a life of authenticity and to reap the deep, enriching rewards of that.   We can only achieve this holistically, and through unapologetic rewilding.  This doesn't mean throwing all your shoes away and moving to the mountains (although I support that), what it means is returning to your instincts, your intuition & your sovereignty within the life you live in modern society. It means bringing the wild into your enviornment and letting it set you free no matter your surroundings or experiences. It means deep authenticity, feeling, expressing, releasing, choosing something new, unwinding, breathing... it means letting go of all the patterns and beliefs that hold you back from feeling good and feeling whole.  It means living your life feeling at home in yourself.

So if you dare, if you fucking dare to live that level of truth and freedom, if your soul is aching for it, if being 'nice' & 'normal' feels unnatural to you and you crave something more- if you want to feel and play with your own magic and enrich your life experience from the inside out, but don't know precisely how to get there, let me show you. 

Come check out the new New Wave,  beautiful soul.

Contact Larissa Directly

For more information on group coaching! 

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