Why Explore a Long Distance Session? 

Because you are ready to heal the old wounds that you carry.
Because you crave something "more" in your life.
Because you are ready to feel fully alive.
Because something is urging you to ...


"Goddess Self Integration was such a pleasant surprise! I did this on a whim, and honestly did not know it would be so profound or have such a powerful impact on my life. I feel like I am so much more tapped in to my intuition and my own feminine energy!" - Jessica J. Musician

"Integrating the Soul Essence was Mind Blowing! I feel a new confidence and I truly feel connected to my soul. " - Alexi C. Psychotherapist

"The Long Distance Energy Healing I experienced from Larissa was profound! I felt light, free and clear after booking this appointment due to a difficult situation in my life. Just 1 day after the clearing the situation I had been dealing with for weeks resolved itself and I made peace with the person involved that I was having issues with, it feels like Magic." - Giovanni P. Social Services

"Connecting to the Divine was the first step in my spiritual journey! It allowed me to receive all the love and approval I was holding my breath waiting for others to give me. I have never felt such a peace. So much gratitude for this experience. " - Amal 

The 7 Session Options!

Which one calls to you...

2 Part Journey!

Forging The Divine Mother Bond

Through challenging experiences with our parents and through conditioning and trauma we can develop a disconnect from the Divine Feminine Mother Earth. This creates a disjointed feeling of anxiety, low self worth and an overall feeling of not belonging. We become tired and uninspired, or anxious as if we're running in circles but getting nothing accomplished. 
The Mother is meant to Nourish. And bring you a deep sense of grounding that surpasses any unhealthy dependencies you may have developed with other women (mother included). Explore this new feeling of grounded, connected, safety and nourishment through the most sustainable source of this energy, The Divine Mother Earth. She is waiting and she a unique gift just for you. Are you ready to discover it? 

You are not an orphan. You are not alone in this Universe. 

During this session my guides and I will use a combination of imagery and energy to guide you to re-connecting, or perhaps connecting for the first time in to this Divine Mother, in a way that will have you feeling truly Soul Lifted!

Recommended for those who experience: Mother issues* (Pain, Trauma, Neglect).   A feeling of Not Belonging. Feeling Not Good Enough. Disconnect With Your Own Mother Energy. Ungrounded Feelings, Anxiety. Stress. Exhaustion. Unclarity. Disease. Negative Energy. Grief. Low Self Worth. Mental and Creative Blocks. Abundance Blocks. Overwhelm (taking on too much)

Integrating   Your Soul Essence

This personalized journey of guided imagery will lead you to your Divine Essence. Remembering this part of yourself will set you FREE and help you realize your true Value, and your Eternal Nature
Once the True Essence is remembered and integrated, it will begin playing an active role in assisting you to create the life of your dreams in a rapid and magical way.  

This session offers you a deep sense of coming home and a reminder of your limitlessness. It is the process my guides have given me that has brought the most fun and care-free-ness in to my life and the lives of my clients as well. It is mind expanding and liberating!

Recommended for those who experience:
Overwhelm. Lack of Self Love/Self Worth**. Anxiety. Creative Blocks. Overthinking. Loneliness. Disconnect from Self. Issues With Manifesting Desires. Impatience/A feeling of "time crunch" or being "behind in life".

2 Part Journey!

3 Part Journey!

Goddess Self Integration

      3- Session Package

This session guides you to connect Deeply in with the Goddess Version of yourself helping you to receive the messages that this fierce and radiant part of you has to offer. The Goddess Self assists in moving you through challenges in your life in a way that is both bold and loving. And once it is integrated you get to carry this wise part of you in to your bright and beautiful future!

What I Love About This Session: It gives you an entirely new experience with your own femininity by tapping you in to your innate hidden magic. It transforms your view of yourself and grants you the answers you never knew you had in you about virtually every area of your life.  

Recommended for those who experience: Indecision (esp in Career & Love). Lack of Identity. Confusion.  Low Self Esteem. Blocks in 3rd Eye, Heart and Solar Plexus. A "Stuck" Feeling in Life. Grief/Loss/Regret. Lack of Inspiration. 

                                           Long Distance Energy  Clearing


As a sensitive in this world you constantly have energies coming at you, and when those energies get stuck in your field you can feel anxious, tired, sick, confused and overwhelmed.  A simple clearing of the energy is like  a breath of fresh air! 

In this clearing you will lay quietly for 30 minutes while I work with my Angels through Clairvoyance to clear out any stuck energies in your field. We will disconnect any cords or entities that have attached themselves and bring in sparkly new energy to fortify you. After the energy work is complete you can expect to fee light, relieved, clear and connected.
This is the only session that does not require phone or Skype, it is done completely remotely. 

Recommended for: Anything and Everything.

                                                         Inner Child Healing

There are patterns in our past that we are sometimes aware of, or unaware of. Regardless they can get caught in our unconscious mind and energy field, caught on loop so to speak.
If these little buggers keep running their negative cycles we feel it in our daily life, no matter how far removed we think we are from the traumas we've experienced, if the pattern isn't broken, the cycle continues and so does the suffering.

Come on a powerful journey with the angels to break the patterns of negative beliefs and suffering from childhood pain, neglect and confusion through Reframing the past from your new, more empowered, perspective and embracing and healing the child within so you can move forward with a greater sense of wholeness, freedom and Playfulness in your life.

To make this session even more effective complete the Goddess Self Integration Session first.

Recommended for those who experience : .Childhood Trauma. Stuck Patterns, Ingrained Beliefs (i.e. Not Good Enough, 

                                                One-on-One Coaching
                                                           (Phone or Skype)

When you are ready to take it to the next level and address very specific issues or goals in your life One-on-One coaching is here for you! Sessions are done through Phone or Skype. I will incorporate my entire tool belt of modalities and techniques with the assistance of my angels and guides to bring you the kind of guidance and energetic movement you need to feel real and lasting transformation.

Recommended for those who experience:

Specific Issues (i.e. weight issues, heartache, negative patterns, beliefs, traumas, relationship issues, life purpose questions, chronic anxiety/depression.) And for those who need to feel truly and seen and heard, because sometimes that's all it takes to heal. 

It's recommended that you complete the Light Alignment and Integration Your Soul Essence sessions prior to coaching so you feel fully prepared to Up Level your life with the coaching. It is not required, but preferred.

                                              The Ultimate
                                                           Soul Lift Package!

This package offers you the very best of what I have to share.  Begin with Ground & Connect, move on to Integrating Your Soul Essence,  and then meet yourself in the Goddess Self Integration then take your experience to the next level and explore a 1-on-1 coaching session! I will use my intuition and angel guidance to help you discover and clear any blocks in your energy that remain and lovingly uplift you to higher ground. 
Then! To seal the deal, explore a long distance ooey, gooey energy healing session.

This package allows you to experience the sessions in their most powerful order, bringing you more rapid results for a more peaceful present and better future.
Once selected you will be able to book your first session "Grounding and Connecting" and then you will receive your first Stay Lifted Membership recording and you will be be given a special code to book your remaining 6 sessions!  I recommend booking them 4-7 days apart and in the order listed.

1. Forging The Divine Mother Bond (2 - One Hour Sessions)
2. Integrating Your Soul Essence (2 - One Hour Sessions)
3. Goddess Self Integration (3- One Hour Sessions)
4. Inner Child Healing (1 - One Hour Session)
5. Personalized Coaching Session (1 - Hour Hour Session)
6. (2) Long Distance Energy Healing's (30 minutes) can be booked whenever you feel you need a boost or release. 

= 9 Sessions + Long Distance Energy Healing 

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                                                One-on-One Coaching PACKAGE!
                                                                  (Phone or Skype)

                                                              12 Session Bundle!

12 one-on-one coaching sessions discounted down from $200 per session to $185 ($180 savings!) + Sessions increase from 60  to 75 minutes in length! Adding an extra 3 Hours total ($600 value) + A 4 Month Stay Lifted Membership ($111) + A Free 30 Minute Oracle Card Reading to Gift to a Friend!

Value $3,011
Package Deal: $2,500! 
Save: $511!

Recommended for those who:
Want to pay less :). Enjoy longer sessions. Want more support in their lives. Are excited to commit to consistent growth, expansion and healing for themselves.